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Product Information



Transparent plastic adhesive


Use: Long lasting elastic adhesion with high firmness of PVC and Polyurethane for joining conveyor belts, lining reservoirs etc. By means of a one- or a two component(s) adhesive. As well as adhesion of various products made of plastic, rubber, metal,  textile,  leather, wood and similar materials, together and one to another.
By adding the binding material ELASTOSAL Hardener RFE, the gluing firmness, the resistance against heat, emollients and dampness and the adherence can be significantly improved.


Technical data:





Specific gravity:

0,85 g/m3


about  2500 mPa s





Application meansl:

Brush, spatula


about 200-300 g/m2

Setting time:

1 -3 min

Open time:

min.  2 hours

Ready for use after:

about 24 hours

Final hardening after:

about 48 hours

Marking (Dangerous goods):

F, Xi


min. 6 months


dry, cool, frost free



1. Surface Pre-treatment:

The surfaces to be bound must be clean, dry, free of fat and oil. Plastic and metals need to be washed with a cleaner ( ELASTOSAL Lösit MEK for.i.) and left for dryeing. Whenever possible, surfaces should be slightly roughned and totally dusted.

In case of metals, to improve the adherence, surfaces should be coated with ELASTOSAL  Metal Primer.  

 2. Blending (Only in case of addition of the hardener):

Blending proportions: ELASTOSAL PU 500 : ELASTOSAL Hardener RFE = 100 : 5  parts by weight. The duration of use (Open time) of the compound is at least  2 hours with packing as closed as possible.

3. Application and drying:

Application: Preferably 2 coatings. Apply a thin, even coat on both surfaces to be bound.


Variant 1: Let the first coat dry completely (about 30 min.). Let the last coat dry only shortly (about 1 – 3 min) so that it is still somewhat wet before joining. If it is completely dry the coat can be reactivated by supply of hot air.

Variant 2: Let both coats dry out (each time about 30 min.). Then reactivate the coat by means of hot air (at about 60°-70°C) and join immediately. The waiting time before reactivating should not exceed 5 hours.

Put both surfaces exactly together and join them with high pressure (for i. with a roller or a hammer).

Furthermore it is important that the surfaces have full contact one to the other.

Warning: The adhesive swells at low temperature (< 10°C) but is fit for use again when warmed up at normal room temperature ! The best working conditions are at 15-25°C and  30-75 % relative humidity.

In case of bad weather conditions such as cold, rain and heavy sun, normal working conditions have to be restored by means of protections such as a provisory roof, hot air supply etc.

Operators protection: Take note of the danger warnings and follow the security advice on the packaging! Request the “Security Data sheet”!

Waste nr: 080404 ( hardened adhesives) and 080406 (not hardened adhesives)


Packaging: tin of 300g; tin of 650g; can of 4 kg; can of 24 kg and drum of 170 kg.


Remark: The content of this technical information is the result of lengthy research and of experience from many technical applications. All data and advice reflect our current best knowledge. They don’t represent a quality guarantee and don’t exempt the user from making practical tests with the product to obtain the specific requested results and goals he wants. Concerning the advice in this technical sheet, no request for indemnity will be accepted what ever the object or legal case. We reserve the right to make technical changes in line with product development.  Standing 8/2003