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Product Information




2 component contact adhesive free of chlorinated hydrocarbon and aromates



Uses: For cold bonding of conveyor rubber belts, linings of receptacles, friction laggings for pulleys and rollers as well as for the permanent-elastic and high-strength bonding of rubber, metal, fabrics, leather, polyurethane and other materials with each other or against metal.






black, white or transparent


approx. 1500 mPa s


approx. 0,85 g/cm³






brush, spatula


approx. 150 g/m² per coat

Ventilation time:

approx. 5 - 15 min

Pot life:

up to 3 h

Hazardous material designation:

F, Xn, N

Shelf life:

minimum of 12 months

Storage requirements:

dry, cool, free of  frost, in tightly closed buckets


Using the product:

1.Surface preparation:

Rubber: The bonding surfaces must be completely clean, dry, and free from grease and oil. Buff surface by using abrasive disc (grit 16-24) or similar, remove all shiny areas. Completely remove all dust particles. In case of rubber with CN backing buffing is not necessary, but clean CN backing in any case using fast evaporating solvent.

Metal: The metal surfaces must be totally clean, dry, and free from grease and oil. Sand- or shotblast the metal surface to a roughness of Rz 90 - 140, remove dust and wash with fast evaporating solvent (ELASTOSAL Lösit H20). For maximum adhesion use imperatively ELASTOSAL Metallprimer, apply one thin coat on pretreated metal surface and let dry completely (appr. 30 min).

2.Mixing the components: Mixing ratio: Adhesive ELASTOSAL H20 : Hardener ELASTOSAL Härter RE/RFE = 100:7 by volume. Mix thoroughly ( 2-3 min). Max. handling time of mixed product is up to 3 hours in covered/closed buckets.

3.Applying the product: 2 coats are necessary. Apply the first thin and even coat to both bonding surfaces using a paint roller or brush, and allow to dry completely (min. 30 min). Apply second thin and even coat on both surfaces, and allow to dry until slightly tacky (appr. 5-15 min), check with back of finger nail. If too dry by false timing, apply third coat.

4.Joining: Join bonding surfaces together by applying strong and short contact pressure (e.g. using hammer, manual or pneumatic, with rubber head, rollers etc.). Adhesion surfaces must have 100% contact with each other. Most favourable bonding conditions are at 15-25°C and at 30-65% relative humidity of air.

Caution: Compensate for extreme conditions such as cold weather, spells, rain etc. through precautionary measures i.e. additional roofing and warm air supply etc.

Warning: The adhesive swells at low temperature (< 0°C) but is fit for use again when warmed up at normal room temperature!

Danger notices and safety recommendations:

ELASTOSAL® H 20 contains ethyl acetate and cyclohexane and is highly inflammable.

Keep away of any ignition sources, do not smoke when using product, avoid eye contact, do not allow product to enter drains, ensure prevention of electrostatic charging.

To our knowledge the glue poses no health risk once the solvent has completely evaporated.



Allow emptied buckets to dry out. Remove with other building site rubbish or recycle with scrap metal. Buckets containing liquid residual content to be disposed of as hazardous waste.


Buckets: 300g and 650g tins, 4kg and 24kg hobbocks, 170 kg drums


Important notice:  This product information sheet is the result of extensive research and engineering experience. All information is given to the best of our knowledge. The information contained herein does not constitute a product promise and does not exempt the user from carrying out his own tests prior to applying the product for his special uses. The advice contained in this product information is given without the manufacturer accepting any liability for damages or legal claims of any kind. All information is subject to changes through technical innovation. (02/ 2003)