Welcome to Hamburg at BELTANA Trading eK

BELTANA Trading eK is an international trading company and industry representative that was established in 1998 by Mr. Jörg Heyenga. We have more than 30 years of experience and extensive technical expertise in the sales and marketing of products from the rubber industry.

A particular focus of our work involves the sale of high-quality steelcord belts and heavy-duty fabric conveyor belts for the open pit mining of lignite in Germany. In this product segment we are a close distribution partner of SEMPTERTRANS, which is a French and Polish based manufacturer of conveyor belts. SEMPTERTRANS is part of the Austrian SEMPERIT Group.


In addition, we also distribute a large range of contact adhesives for conveyor belts and wear protection plates as a sales agent of Unitec Helmsdorf GmbH. In northern Germany, we are also the authorised dealer of Kober & Moll GmbH to distribute ergonomic workplace mats.

Our trading activities are characterized by reliability, efficiency and long-term partnership. We would be pleased to meet your requirements as well.